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I see no difference ^.^
  • makayla12
    makayla12 8 months ago
    i can see up your nose oh besides that i see no difference
le Lee Joon
  • JrockIsForever
    JrockIsForever 1 year ago
    Lol non fans see his looks while fans see his true nature xD
Not Pleased...
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Mir has spoken...
  • ruereru
    ruereru 2 years ago
    jajajaajaj ii lovve hiim <3
  • joyyy
    joyyy 1 year ago
how dare they lie!!
  • Ariza
    Ariza 2 years ago
    sry i know i spelled cheondung wrong
  • Sumisu_Arisho
    Sumisu_Arisho 2 years ago
    awwwwwwwwwwww hes sooo cute
Pretty!! >.<
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  • KezzaKay
    KezzaKay 2 years ago
    He looks kinda like dara... except for the nose and the wide face..... and the part where he is a man o.O
  • joyyy
    joyyy 1 year ago
    oh wow